DOGE - Management Engineering

ITIMAT - Industrial engineering, mechanical technology, and mathematical models

MASET - Turbomachinery and Energy Systems and Transportation

MEC - Mechanics of Machines, Machine Design and Mechanical Measurements

  • Caratterizzazione meccanica (Pro. Massimiliano Avalle)
  • DYNAMO (RADRL Prof. Luigi Carassale)
  • Laboratorio di Misure e Biomeccanica (RADRL Prof. Francesco Crenna)
  • MCAE Lab (RADRL Prof. Giovanni Berselli)
  • Multiscale Mechanics of Multifunctional Materials (M3M) (RADRL Prof.ssa Flavia Libonati)
  • PMAR Robotics Group (RADRL Prof. Matteo Zoppi)

TEC - Thermoenergetic and Environmental Air Conditioning 

  • Applied Energy
  • Experimental and numerical Heat Transfer
  • Applied Acoustics
  • Multiphase Flow
  • Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
Last update 22 September 2022