Innovative Energy Systems (IES) - u.o. E-hub e Seaspoon

In TPG is developing since early 2000’s innovative production and control technologies for smart grids. 

The laboratory is equipped with a test bench for the study and optimization of distributed generation systems. It is an equipment (funded by FP7, H2020 and national projects) that can accommodate different prime movers based on fossil fuels (e.g. a natural gas micro-turbine) or on renewable sources (e.g. photovoltaic and thermal solar panels). The devices that produce thermal energy (hot water) are connected to a double ring thermal network, connected to local users and to the heating system of the Savona campus. There are also tanks for the accumulation of thermal energy. This test bench was used for the development and validation of real-time software for the optimization of distributed generation systems.

In this demonstrator, an actual Energy hub with the ability to test different power and heat and cooling generators, the technologies  can be interfaced with the polygenerative microgrid of the Savona Campus. The latest technologies are derived from EU project ENVISION ((, and are: facade solar panels (connected to a heat pump) and "ventilated windows", a heating system for indoor environments based on the principle of heating the outside air through the passage between the glazed surfaces of the window, and innovative thermal energy storage connected to a T100 microturbine (from Ansaldo Energia).

The TPG is also involved in marine research and energy conversion from wave motion. It currently operates a real marine laboratory including a monitoring and anchoring point off the Ligurian coast, and an open-sea laboratory capable of simulating desired sea states through an artificial wave generator. The latter facility is called Wave Lab and is part of a set of joint laboratories (Sea LAB).


  • Campus Universitario, via Magliotto 2, 17100 Savona
  • Sede della Marina Militare Italiana (CSSN MMI) presso il porto di La Spezia


  • Prof. Alberto Traverso (RADRL)
  • Prof. Mario L. Ferrari
  • Prof. Loredana Magistri
  • Prof. Alessandro Sorce
  • Prof. Massimo Rivarolo
  • Dr. Matteo Pascenti
  • Prof. Aristide F. Massardo

Research themes

  • Distributed Generation
  • Smart Grid Systems
  • Performance Optimization
  • Thermal Energy Storage management
  • Renewable Energy Sources
  • Solar Energy
  • Energy from biomass and from the sea
  • Energy Harvesting
  • Control System

Last update 19 January 2022