DIME and the vision of the future

While taking into account the logistical difficulties, the DIME development vision is oriented towards an ever greater openness to the outside world, combined with internal organizational flexibility, in order to homogenize the interests and thrusts of the numerous research groups through the following actions:

  • Strategy of directing the numerous lines of research towards the needs of innovation, technology transfer and training
  • Construction of highly attractive training courses in Bachelor's, Master's and PhD courses, with a strong international connotation
  • System of multidisciplinary skills to promote development based on 'conscious choices'
  • Stimulation and support for the exchange of knowledge and interaction between research groups, encouraging the development of multidisciplinarity capable of responding to market demands (students, research institutions, companies)
  • Support of highly competent and professional technical and administrative staff recruited with targeted selection criteria

Last update 19 January 2022