Laboratory of Aerodynamics and Turbomachinery - Aero-Engine Internal Flows Savona

The Laboratory of Aero-Engine Internal Flows, located into the Savona Campus, is devoted to experimental investigations for the characterization of the internal flow aerodynamics of aeroengine components. The research activities of the Laboratory are mainly carried out within projects in the framework of European Research Programs, programs funded by the Italian Ministry of Research, and projects in joint cooperation with GE AvioAero, world leader in the design and manufacturing of aeroengine components. 

The Laboratory is equipped with complex facilities:

- Two-stage research turbine for the analysis of the effects due to the rotor-stator aerodynamic interaction process, to the clocking effects related to the relative phase index of homologous rows (i.e. stator-stator or rotor-rotor), and to the axial gap between stages. Optical accesses are present on the external case of the rig to allow optical measurements (PIV and LDV) into both the stator and rotor passages;

- A rotating rig for the simulation of the cavity flows into aeroengine turbine modules. The rig allows reproducing the most important flow and operation similarity numbers driving the complex interaction process between the cavity flows and the main flow. An auxiliary system can be adopted to heat the flow into the cavity, thus allowing the inspection of the thermal stratification and hot gas ingestion process; 

- A rig dedicated to the analysis of the three dimensional aerodynamic field induced by injectors of aeroengine combustion chamber: analysis of the spray, of the vaporization process, and of the mixing of reagents; 

- A large scale turbine cascade test rig for the detailed characterization of the flow field developing into stages of futuristic architectures operating with unsteady inflows; 


  • Laboratory of Aerodynamics and Turbomachinery - Aero-Engine Internal Flows Savona


  • Pietro Zunino
  • Marina Ubaldi
  • Daniele Simoni
  • Davide Lengani
  • Francesca Satta
  • Alessandro Nilberto 
  • Edward Canepa 
  • Dario Barsi
  • Matteo Dellacasagrande

Research Topics

  • Aerodynamic characterization of the flow field and efficiency of turbine and compressor blade rows of future engine architectures;
  • Analysis of the secondary and cavity flow interaction process with the main flow; 
  • Vaporization and mixing processes of fuel spray; 
  • Aerodynamic analysis of the mixing process of mixtures for Lean Premixed Prevaporized (LPP) combustors for aeroengine applications;

Last update 19 January 2022