Thermochemical Power Group and Rolls-Royce UTC laboratory

In June 2004, DIME-TPG became the first Rolls-Royce University Technology Center on fuel cells in the world. Within this collaboration in the field of SOFCs, the TPG is involved in the development activities of the hybrid system of Rolls-Royce Fuel Cell Systems which is based on the coupling of a solid oxide stack with a microturbine. The goal is to achieve a first working prototype of the system in the short term. Within this work, the TPG mainly deals with the theoretical simulation and experimental test of this cycle under design, off-design and transient conditions.

The main laboratories present are:

  • Simulation laboratory of innovative systems based on fuel cells. With 12 calculation stations, it uses original software resources such as: WECoMP - Web Economic Cogeneration Modular Program for the design and optimization of CHP networks; WTEMP - Web ThermoEconomic Modular Program, for the thermoeconomic analysis and development of energy systems; TRANSEO - Matlab-based tool for dynamic simulation and development of control systems, as well as commercial software such as Matlab, Ansys for CFD calculations, Design Expert for Response Surface Methodology analysis,
  • Light experimental laboratory, for tests of ejectors and saturators, Turbines. It also contains a 3D printer for rapid prototyping with PLA and ABS materials.
  • Calculation Center: contains the calculation servers to support the simulation laboratory.


  • Villa Cambiaso (Padiglioni) della Scuola Politecnica, Via Montallegro 1, Genova  


  • Prof. Loredana Magistri (RADRL)
  • Prof. Mario L. Ferrari 
  • Prof. Alessandro Sorce
  • Prof. Alberto Traverso
  • Dr. Matteo Pascenti
  • Prof. Aristide F. Massardo 

Research Themes 

  • Conventional and innovative energy systems
  • Thermo-economy and diagnostics

Last update 19 January 2022