Innovative Energy Systems (IES) - u.o. Bio-HyPP e RR-SOFC

The laboratory is dedicated to the experimental emulation of systems with SOFC cells and the development of related system components. In detail, two main facilities can be highlighted: (i) a plant for the emulation of hybrid systems equipped with a microturbine, (ii) a second plant for the emulation of systems with pressurized SOFC through a turbocharger.

The first plant was developed starting from 2006 within different international (including FP6, FP7 and H2020) and national projects. The equipment, designed for the emulation of hybrid systems up to 450 kW electric power, is composed of a T100 machine connected to a modular volume to simulate the behavior of the cathode side of the SOFC. Furthermore, the system is also equipped with an anodic recirculation (with volume and ejector), a recompression system, a system for the injection of superheated steam, a heat exchanger for cogeneration and an absorption refrigeration system for tests in trigenerative configuration.

The second plant was funded by the H2020 Bio-HyPP project. It is a triple-skin volume connected to a turbocharger for relative pressurization. In order to generate typical operating conditions in the volume of a 30 kW SOFC, a combustor and an appropriate amount of ceramic material were installed to simulate the thermal response. The plant is also equipped with the following main devices: a recuperator, a starting combustor, and several bypass lines.

Both plants can be managed in cyber-physical mode. This is the coupling of systems with real-time models capable of calculating the behavior of components that are not physically present. In both cases, the models receive some plant measurements as input and output set-point values for the plant controllers.


  • University Campus, via Magliotto 2, 17100 Savona


  • Prof. Mario L. Ferrari (RADRL)
  • Prof. Loredana Magistri
  • Prof. Alessandro Sorce
  • Prof. Alberto Traverso
  • Dr. Matteo Pascenti
  • Prof. Aristide F. Massardo

Research Teams 

  • Hybrid systems with SOFC
  • Microturbines
  • Components for advanced systems (recuperators, steam generators, recirculations, etc.)
  • Cogeneration
  • Trigeneration
  • Control systems
  • Energy storage systems
  • Integration of microturbines with renewable sources (e.g. biogas)

Last update 19 January 2022