Laboratory of Management Engineering

The laboratory is an area dedicated to research, debate and insights on the issues of organization, management, economy and finance, in relation to the evolution of technology and innovative processes. In addition to the research activities on the topics listed below, the laboratory organizes meetings and debates with experts and professionals from the corporate world, aimed at stimulating possible career paths and strengthening the motivational profiles of students as well as meetings and debates with Italian and international academics, aimed at to present the state of the art on the various topics of organization, management, economy and finance. 

The laboratory is endowed with a high performance computer cluster to support research on computational economics and finance. 

Location: via Opera Pia 11, 16145 Genova, second floor


  • Gian Carlo Cainarca
  • Silvano Cincotti
  • Silvia Massa
  • Marco Raberto
  • Stefania Testa

Research themes:

  • Agent-based macroeconomics
  • Agent-based computational finance
  • Innovation management
  • Knowledge and people management
  • Strategies and technologies for sustainability, climate change and digital transformation

Last update 19 January 2022