Innovative Close Cycles - Pump Heat

The laboratory includes various equipment, in particular:

  • Combined cycle cyberphysical plant, consisting of a TURBEC T100 turbine coupled to a real-time steam cycle model, coupled with an innovative heat pump and storage thermal through an intermediate hydraulic circuit in a power to heat configuration (European project H2020 PUMP-HEAT). The aim is to evaluate the performance of the system, focusing in particular on the flexibility of the gas turbine combined cycles.
  • Test rig for the performance evaluation of innovative TESLA-type turbo expanders: the test bench consists of a set of sensors and flow controllers in parallel that manage the supply air to be taken to the Tesla-type non-bladed turbine. The machine's electric motor / generator is controlled by a dedicated electronic driver for high speed permanent-magnet generators.
  • Test rig for the operation and evaluation of the performance of innovative reverse cycle machines - the result of a collaboration between Carrier Corporation and the University of Genoa:  a prototype chiller where the compression is performed by a fully oil-free dynamic compressor. The goal of this rig is to evaluate the performance of the chiller and the dynamic compressor in design conditions and in off-design, with particular attention to the study of the instability conditions that could arise in the compressor (e.g. compressor surge).
  • Test rig dedicated to the study of high temperature components for advanced energy systems, such as SOFC cells (activity in collaboration with Rolls-Royce). In detail, it is a system with a pressurized tank, internally insulated and suitably instrumented for measurements on high temperature systems. The plant is equipped with a compressed air and natural gas supply and pre-heating system, a fuel treatment system, and accurate measurement systems (e.g. gas chromatograph).


  • Centrale di Tirreno Power, via Armando Diaz, 128, 17047 Valleggia (SV)


  • Prof. Alberto Traverso (RADRL)
  • Prof. Mario L. Ferrari
  • Prof. Loredana Magistri
  • Prof. Alessandro Sorce
  • Dr. Matteo Pascenti
  • Prof. Aristide F. Massardo

Research Teams 

  • Combined Cycle Power Plants
  • Microturbines (traditional machines)
  • Microturbines (Tesla machines)
  • High temperature components for advanced systems
  • SOFC fuel cells
  • Advanced heat pumps
  • Energy recovery
  • Control systems
  • Energy storage systems

Last update 19 January 2022