Transport systems engineering

The research activities in the area of transport systems engineering have been mainly relative to the modelling and control of traffic networks at different scales (urban, suburban, interregional) and with different modes of transport (in particular, private road transport and rail transport). In this context, among others, models and methods for the optimization of urban transport, intermodal services for improving the effectiveness of transport networks, innovative strategies for the maintenance of railway networks have been developed. Recently, research activities have been carried out in the fields of maritime transport and port logistic systems, with the objectives of optimizing sea routes and port services. Moreover, new works have begun on innovative issues such as the use of autonomous vehicles in urban areas, and the optimization of railway services through the adoption of virtual coupling technologies and the definition of related optimization policies. The transport systems engineering research group has been involved in recent years in several important national and international research projects such as, among others, STM (Sea Traffic Management), Docks The Future, MIE (Eco-sustainable Intelligent Mobility), and is currently coordinator of the STAFFER project (Skill Training Alliance For the Future European Rail system).


  • Angela Di Febbraro
  • Nicola Sacco
  • Davide Giglio
  • Alice Consilvio


  • Transport systems engineering


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Last update 19 January 2022