Conventional and innovative energy systems

The research group Thermochemical Power Group of DIME ( was founded in 1998. Its mission is to carry out theoretical and experimental research in the field of advanced energy systems. Since 2004, the TPG hosts the Rolls-Royce University Technology Center on Fuel Cell Systems (UTC), with the aim of studying solutions and technologies for fuel cell and hydrogen stationary power generation. Since 2017 DIME hosts the Fincantieri joint laboratory (HI-SEA) for activities related to the storage and propulsion of clean energy in the marine environment, i.e. on boats and ships. The main research fields of the TPG regarding energy systems are: development and testing of advanced technologies for sustainable energy systems; dynamic modeling of performance of energy systems; thermoeconomic analysis; monitoring and diagnostic techniques for energy systems; innovative closed cycles including supercritical CO2 cycles; high temperature fuel cell technology (SOFC); storage and generation of energy based on hydrogen and fuel cells (PEM); CO2 separation cycles; energy harvesting solutions based on bladeless machines or Tesla turbines; devices for the conversion of energy from the sea with particular attention to the conversion of wave energy (Seaspoon technology). The original software resources are: WECoMP - Web Economic Cogeneration Modular Program for the design and optimization of CHP networks; WTEMP - Web ThermoEconomic Modular Program, for the thermoeconomic analysis and development of energy systems; TRANSEO - Matlab-based tool for dynamic simulation and development of control systems.


  • Aristide F. Massardo
  • Loredana Magistri
  • Alberto Traverso
  • Mario L. Ferrari
  • Alessandro Sorce
  • Massimo Rivarolo
  • Matteo Pascenti
  • Paolo Silvestri


  • Thermochemical Power Group and Rolls-Royce UTC laboratory
  • Innovative Energy Systems Lab
  • Laboratorio cicli chiusi innovativi


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Last update 19 January 2022