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International Master Program MIPET: Innovative Technologies, Techniques and Methodologies for Industrial Plants. MIPET is devoted to create System and Process Engineers, Technical Coordinators operating effectively in Project Teams in Global Engineering and Construction. This Master provides deep technical skills in Industrial Plants as well as the capability to get the whole overview on the project and its technical aspects along the whole project phases: Offering, Engineering, Purchasing, Construction and Erection and Commissioning. At the completion of the Master Program students develop transversal capabilities in all the critical areas (e.g mechanics, high power, electronics , automation, computation, management, security and safety, materials, processes and components) combined with their specialization expertise in specific Plant Sectors (e.g. Power Equipment, Iron & Steel) as well as with the Company Internship Experiences.  

Project Management: the course is delivered in English and includes lectures, exercises, role play games, simulations and seminars. Industry experts and Professional PM are invited to deliver lectures and to play with the class in interactive role play games and simulations. In fact this course includes several class experiences in competitive and cooperative team work as well as in individual problem solving. Course aims is to educate people in Project Management Methodologies and Techniques, teach Project Management through theory as well as direct experience on realistic cases working with experts from Academia and Industry, provide knowledge of Industrial Plant Project Issues, Risks and Opportunities as application field for the Project Management methodologies and techniques. Skills and Capabilities provided to the Students by this Course: to develop skills in Project Management (PM) and in team working within a Project Management, to prepare the audience to serve as efficient and effective Project Team member in Industrial Plant Projects, develop the capability to get the whole project overview, develop capability to direct individual contributions toward whole Project Success, develop skills in using PM methodologies to properly and quickly assess risks, problems, time and cost issues within Industrial Projects.  

Industrial Logistics & Supply Chain: the Course deals with Industrial Logistics and it aims to provide the General Criteria and Quantitative Methods that support the Design, Re-Engineering, Planning and Management of Logistics Systems. Industrial Logistics aims on how to develop Integrated and Flexible Industrial Logistics Networks integrating Physical Material Flows and Information Streams able to guarantee a High Quality of Products & Service to Customers, the Reduction of Response Time and the Containment of Costs. The Course provide the guidelines to measure the Performance of Logistics and Operations. Educational Modes: Lectures and Exercises in the Classroom; Competitive Team and/or collaborative Working on Logistics Projects; Simulation, RPG and Presentation of Experiences from Company Experts.  

Modeling & Simulation (PhD Program)

High Level Architecture and Interoperable Simulation (PhD Program)

Verification, Validation & Accreditation (PhD Program)


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