Plant Technologies and Simulation - o.u. Tests and Characterization of Materials, Joints and Welds and Metallography

Main tests that can be performed on metal and polymeric materials and on welded or glued joints:

  • tensile and compression tests;
  • determination of Young’s modulus (E) using a monoaxial extensometer;
  • 3-and 4-point bending tests;
  • fatigue tests
  • hardness tests (Vickers micro hardness and Vickers, Rockwell hardness);
  • preparation of metallographic samples;
  • micrographic / macrographic analyses on ferrous and non-ferrous alloys;
  • determination of the chemical composition of metal alloys;
  • measurement of surface roughness;
  • analysis of painted surfaces (thickness, adhesion);
  • artificial aging tests in climatic chamber, with temperature and humidity control;
  • salt spray tests;
  • UV aging tests.

Main welding equipment:

  • shielded metal arc welding machine;
  • MIG / MAG welding machines;
  • TIG welding machine;
  • resistance welding machine (RSW);
  • Friction Stir Welding converted milling machine;

Main equipment for making glued joints:

  • sandblaster for surface preparation;
  • plasma reactor for surface activation;
  • cross-linking oven;
  • alignment and fixing templates.


  • Genoa Headquarters - Via Opera Pia 15


  • Carla Gambaro
  • Enrico Lertora
  • Chiara Mandolfino

Research themes 

  • Technologies and materials for manufacturing

Last update 19 January 2022