Safety engineering in transport and logistics

Safety in transport and logistics is the topic of several courses that are taught in the international master’s degree in safety engineering for transport, logistics, and production. In this context, methods and tools are introduced to provide skills to analyse the reliability and the safety and security of various classes of transport and logistic systems (both combinatorial methods such as Event Tree Analysis and Fault Tree Analysis and methods based on the analysis of the system state). The problem of maintenance of both infrastructure and vehicles is also considered. The safety and security of transport and logistic systems are also taken into consideration from a practical point of view through the modelling of specific case studies by means of simulation software (Extendsim), numerical computing (Matlab) and optimization (IBM Cplex); the software are mainly used to determine safety or risk levels of the systems under analysis, and to define corrective strategies and actions to improve their performance.


  • Angela Di Febbraro
  • Nicola Sacco
  • Davide Giglio
  • Alice Consilvio


  • Transport systems engineering

Last update 19 January 2022