Mechanics of continuous systems

  • Classical and relativistic field theories.
  • Physical and mathematical aspects of extended theories of gravity, with applications to cosmology and astrophysics.
  • Geometrical aspects of classical mechanics.
  • Techniques of differential geometry for the study of innovative materials.
  • Mathematical methods and models for simulation in modern engineering.
  • Mathematical models for diffusion theory and its applications
  • Solid mechanics
  • Mathematical foundations of quantum information
  • Estimation and control of dynamical systems described by partial differential equations


  • Angelo Alessandri
  • Patrizia Bagnerini
  • Franco Bampi
  • Sante Carloni
  • Claudio Carmeli
  • Roberto Cianci
  • Luca Fabbri
  • Enrico Massa
  • Stefano Vignolo


  • Laboratory of applied mathematics, simulation and mathematical modelling.


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Last update 19 January 2022