Choice and characterization of material

The teaching topics dealt with in the context of the choice and characterization of materials are the following:

General materials technologies: The course introduces the concepts of tension and deformation and the fundamental aspects of the behavior of metallic materials. In addition, the methods for carrying out tests for the mechanical characterization of metallic materials and the methods for carrying out heat treatments of steels and aluminum alloys are described. Finally, the main aspects of plastic deformation and foundry processing are described.

Process materials and plants: The student is introduced to the world of materials used in industrial plant engineering by analyzing the issues related to the design and joining of components currently present in the industrial landscape.

Technologies of polymeric materials: the basic aspects of the behavior of polymeric materials and of the processing and joining techniques used at an industrial level to make pieces in plastic material are introduced.

Composite materials technologies: the different families of composites made with ceramic, metal or polymeric matrix and the related production processing technologies are studied. Finally, the bonding techniques that can be used with composites are studied.


  • Carla Gambaro
  • Enrico Lertora
  • Chiara Mandolfino


  • Laboratory for testing and characterization of joint materials and metallography

Last update 19 January 2022