Luca Bruzzone

Professore Associato


(+39) 010 33 52967

Ufficio: Via Opera Pia 15A, DIME sezione MEC, piano terra.

Ricevimento: su appuntamento.

Luca Bruzzone was born in Savona in 1973. He received his Master degree, magna cum laude, in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Genoa in 1997, with a specialization in Industrial Automation and Robotics and a degree thesis on the design of a parallel robot co-operating in deburring tasks. In 1998 he joined the Material Handling division of Techint Italimpianti, working as mechanical, structural and automation designer of continuous ship unloaders and other machines. Since 1999 he has been Assistant Professor of Mechanics of Machinery at the University of Genoa. His research interest is focused on mechanics and control of robots and automation devices, and in particular: parallel robotics, mobile robotics, cooperation of robots in complex tasks with force control, robot control algorithms, design of miniaturized devices and microgrippers with flexible joints, design of mechatronic systems actuated by electrical linear motors, fractional-order control of mechatronic devices, design of Wave Energy Converters. Since 2017 he is Associate Professor of Mechanics of Machinery at the University of Genoa. Since 2019 he is Coordinator of the Bachelor's degree of Mechanical Engineering (La Spezia).



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