Loredana Magistri

Professore Associato


Genova: Villa Cambiaso Via Montallegro 1 DIME Sez. MASET Tel.  010 353 2455

Tel.  010 353 2455 3204320015

Savona: Campus Via Magliotto Palazzina Delfino

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Loredana Magistri is Associate Professor at the University of Genoa.  Her field of expertise is in the analysis and simulation of high temperature fuel cells (MCFC, SOFC), innovative energy systems with carbon capture and sequestration, energy storage by Hydrogen and “chemicals” production.. She is collaborating with national and international companies and she is part of the steering committee of the Rolls-Royce LG Fuel Cell Systems UTC. She is also responsible for the development of simulation codes for the off-design and transient analysis of innovative power plants and in particular of hybrid systems with high temperature fuel cells.

She is involved in several national and European projects.

Loredana Magistri has authored more than forty papers in international scientific journals and she is reviewer of international journals.


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