The Measurement Laboratory carries out research activities regarding general measurement theory and methods, with applications in several metrological and industrial fields.
The quality system of the laboratory is certified according to ISO9001:2008 by CSQ (9175DIME) since 2003 for the following activities: "Research, experimentation and education in the field of measurement”.
Laboratory most significant facilities are:
- Acoustic measurements: Larson&Davis LD801 phonometer with analysis software, calibrators, Semi-anechoic chamber, microphones and related conditioning, dummy head for binaural recording, Audio DAT recorder, Modular sound reproduction system, 24 bits digital audio interfaces with preamp, Sound quality software
- Vibration: Bruel&Kjaer and Tira shakers open and closed loop, accelerometers and related conditioning, portable calibrator, Laser-Doppler Vibrometer, Modular signal conditioning and filtering systems, Instrumented rotor-test benches,
- Biomechanics: Xsens MTW inertial sensors and processing software, BTS P6000D force platforms, video sytem for marker position measurements,
- General: mechanical quantities sensors (force, pressure, acceleration, velocity, position, sound etc), devices for static and dynamic calibration, data acquisition systems, devices for in-field measurements.
- Software languages and tools, Workstations for signal processing, Client server organisation for data management, Quality assurance for research activities, software development by certified personnel.