Indagini sperimentali e teoriche su componenti del sistema di aspirazione e scarico di motori a combustione interna

Since over 25 years the Research Group has been involved in studies on the intake and exhaust components. Referring to this subject, many investigations have been developed, most of which using an original experimental facility [1] that allows to study single devices and subassemblies of automotive intake and exhaust circuit, both under steady flow conditions and with a pulsating flow which reproduces the pressure pulses occurring in multi-cylinder engines [2].
Many experimental investigations developed in the past were referred to exhaust turbochargers, even if different intake and exhaust automotive components were also considered, such as manifolds [3], junctions, after-treatment devices (EGR systems, catalytic converters, particulate filters) [4].
Besides, some theoretical aspects were taken into account, with particular reference to the development of performance predicting procedures under unsteady flow conditions [5]. Within this frame, the circuit of the test facility was recently developed using GT-Power code in order to simulate I/E components performance (Fig.1).


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