Prototipazione e test virtuali

The commissioning process of a mechanical/mechatronic device is an interdisciplinary procedure, which involves different engineering domains. In most cases, the sub-system components are sequentially designed via separated tools, the overall project specifications being verified on a physical mock-up during the final design stages. This time-consuming and sub-optimal engineering practice can be by-passed through a virtual prototyping (VP) approach, where several multi-disciplinary modelling tools are integrated in a single simulation environment, with the aim of predicting the system performance while avoiding any on-field testing.
The DIME Department can provide long-standing expertise in this area, with a particular focus on virtual prototyping/testing/commissioning of automatic machineries and robotized plants. In these instances, the optimal plant design is achieved with the aid of CAD-based coupled simulations, comprising multi-body mechanical models, sensory-motor dynamics, control system behaviour, and emulation of man-machine interfaces. A properly tuned VP provides an effective digital platform for the concurrent optimization of each sub-system component, possibly leading to a “first-time-right”, “plug-and-produce” technology application.
As an example, Fig. 1 reports the VP of a single degree-of-freedom servomechanism employed in an automatic machine for packaging. This virtual model can predict the end-effector accuracy in presence of geometrical/dimensional tolerances, backlash, limited part stiffness, and sub-optimal controller gains. Similarly, Fig. 2 reports the VP of a compliant spindle employed in robotic deburring, which allows for the offline tuning of the process parameters (e.g. feed-rate, nominal robot trajectory, tool compliance).


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