Giovanni Tanda

Professore Ordinario


(+39) 010 33 52557

Office located in via Montallegro 5/4


Prof. Tanda was born in Genoa on 1st July 1960.

He earned his Degree in Mechanical Engineering (points 110/110 "summa cum laude") on November 1983.

He joined the technical staff of Department of Energy Engineering (University of Genoa, Italy) on May, 1985, becoming a research assistant on January 1990. He was appointed Associate Professor on November 1997 at the University of Genoa, Faculty of Engineering and Full Professor of the same University on January 1st, 2004.

He got his degree (Ph.D.) of Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering on April 1996, at the City University, London, U.K.

The research activity of Prof. Tanda has been developed in the fields of Engineering Thermodynamics and Heat / Mass Transfer; he was author of a large number of publications in international refereed journals. At the moment (March 2019), his bibliometric indices are: h-index (Scopus)= 17.0, h-index (Google Scholar) =20.0.

Areas of interest include: one-phase heat transfer in engineering systems, with particular relevance to electronic equipment and gas turbine cooling. In the field of experimental heat transfer, Prof. Tanda has contributed to the development of quantitative optical techniques such as schlieren, liquid crystal and infrared thermography.


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