Francesca Satta

Professore Associato


(+39) 010 33 52453

Via Montallegro 1
16145 Genova
Ricevimento su appuntamento

Francesca Satta got the degree in Mechanical Engineering with honours in 2005, and her master thesis received the official mention as “archival publishing level” (“dignità di stampa”).
In 2009 she completed the Ph.D. program in Fluid Machinery Engineering discussing the thesis “Wake control applied to a high-lift aeroengine turbine profile”.
From 2009 to 2011 she covered post-doc positions at the DIME Department.
From December 2011 to Dicember 2015 she was assistant professor at the DIME department of the University of Genova.
In January 2014 she got the National Scientific Qualification for the role of Associate Professor.
Since Dicember 2015 she is associate professor at the DIME department of the University of Genova.
Since 2005, Francesca Satta participated into the organization and activities of the Aerodynamics and Turbomachinery Laboratory of DIME. She was involved in the design of new facilities and in the development of measuring techniques and codes for the data processing, coordinating and co-supervising students activities at master and PhD level. She gained experience in advanced measuring techniques such as Laser Doppler Velocimetry, Particle Image Velocimetry, Liquid Crystal and Infra-red Thermography, as well as Hot-wire and Hot-Film Anemometry.
Francesca Satta participated and is still working on a number of European (AIDA, VITAL, TECC-AE, I-TURB) and National (PRIN) research projects, as well as on industry supported research projects, in particular with the aeronautical engine design industry Avio Aero.
The experimental activities carried out in the frame of these projects have been focused on the improvement of aeronautical gas turbine components, on the detailed analysis and physical interpretation of complex fluid dynamic phenomena characterizing turbomachinery flows, on the production of databases for the validation of simulation codes and for the development of turbulence models.
On these topics, Francesca Satta produced more than 30 scientific papers published on international journals or presented at international conferences.
She is Professor of the course “Aeronautical Propulsion”, for the Master in Mechanical Engineering - Energy and Aeronautics, of the course “Machines” for the Bachelor in Chemical Engineering, and of the course "Machines and systems for energy and propulsion" (co-teaching) for the Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering.


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