Claudio Carmeli

Professore Associato


(+39) 010 33 56008, (+39) 010 353 45272
  • Savona - Palazzina Delfino
  • Genova - P.le Kennedy Pad. D
  • Office hours: please send me an email to make an appointment


2015            : Associated professor of Mathematical Physics

2013            :  Natitional Scientific Qualification in “Mathematical Physics” and in “Analysis and Probability”

15/12/2011 : Assistant Professor MAT/07 at DIME (University of Genova)

2008-2006 : Postdoctoral fellow  University of Genova

2003-2006 : PhD (Department of Physics, University of Genova)                     

1997-2002 : Master degree in Physics Department of Physics, University of Genova                    



Carmeli C, Caston L, Fioresi R, Mathematical Foundations of Supersymmetry, EMS Ser. Lect. Math. European Math. Soc., Zurich 2011.


    1) Carmeli C, Heinosaari T, Toigo A Quantum Incompatibility witnesses  "Physical Review Letters" (2019, accepted for publication) 

    2) Carmeli C, Heinosaari T,Karlsson A, Schultz J, Toigo A Verifying quantumness of bipartite correlations "Physical Review Letters" (2016)

    3)  Carmeli C, Heinosaari T, Schultz J, Toigo A Nonuniqueness of phase retrieval for three fractional Fourier transforms accepted for publication on “Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis” (2014)

    4)  Carmeli C., Heinosaari T., Toigo A. Informationally complete joint measurements on finite quantum systems “Physical Review A - Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics” 85 (1) (2012) 012109

    5)  Carmeli C., De Vito E., Toigo A., Umanita' V. Vector Valued Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces and Universality, “Analysis and Applications” 8 (2010), no.1, pp 19-61

    6)  L. Balduzzi, C.Carmeli, R. Fioresi, The local functor of points of supermanifolds “Expositiones Mathematicae” 28 (2010) pp.201-217"

    7)  C. Carmeli, T. Heinonen, A. Toigo, Covariant quantum instruments, “Journal of Functional Analysis” 257 (2009) pp 3353-3374"