Giovanni Battista Rossi

Professore Ordinario


(+39) 010 33 52966, (+39) 010 33 52232


Via all'Opera Pia 15a

16145 Genova

Ricevimento: maertedì 10-12, o su appuntamento

Giovanni Battista Rossi was born in Genova, Italy, in 1955. He received his Laurea degree in mechanical engineering (with first-class honors) from the University of Genova, in 1981. A certified Engineer—formerly a Designer with Fincantieri, then an Assistant Professor (1983-1992) and an Associate Professor (1992-2002)—he is currently a Professor of measurement, instrumentation, and biomechanics at the University of Genova. As a Teacher, he has lectured for a national televised university teaching program (Nettuno). He is currently Coordinator of the M.Sc. course “Mechanical Engineering – Design and Construction” and is a member of the board of lecturers of the Ph.D. School of Mechanical Engineering. He has been Vice-Chairman of the Department of Mechanics and Machine Design (2002–2008) and is responsible for the Measurement Laboratory. He is co-editor of the book “Measurement with Persons” (Taylor and Francis, 2012) and author of the book “Measurement and Probability” (Springer, 2014). He is co-editor of the series “Measurement Science and Technology” of Springer. He is an EU-recognized expert in measurement and testing and has recently (2016–2017) chaired an expert group for the evaluation of the European Metrology Research Program and the European Metrology Program for Innovation and Research. His main research interests are measurement theory, probability, perceptual and dynamic measurement, and experimental biomechanics.

Prof. Rossi has been chairman of Technical Committee 7 (Measurement Science) of the International Measurement Confederation (IMEKO) (2012–2018) and has been the Italian vice-representative of the General Council of IMEKO (2011–2015). He co-chaired the IMEKO-IEEE-Society of Instrument and Control Engineers Second International Symposium on Measurement, Analysis, and Modeling of Human Functions (2004), an international intensive course on perceptual measurement (2008), as part of the EU Measuring the Impossible Network Project, and the 2013 Joint IMEKO TC1-TC7-TC13 Symposium.


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