Trasferimento tecnologico

Technology transfer expresses the conversion of theoretical development of science and technology into practical tools for immediate operation for industries. DIME is constantly engaged also on this front, and contributes in a concrete way to the competitiveness of many partners in national and international comparison.

  • Acrotec SRL

    Development of simulation software

  • Ansaldo Energia

    Experimental characterization of premixed burners for heavy-duty gas turbine applications

    Monitoring and diagnostics for large size power plants

    Gas turbine testing and performance evaluation

    Development and application of numerical tecniques for turbomachinery design and analysis

  • Ansaldo STS

    Innovation in Railway Transportation

  • Centro Ricerche Fiat

    Experimental investigation on intake and exhaust components of turbocharged automotive engines

  • Comune di Genova

    Development of simulation models

  • Consorzio SI.RE (Simulazione Dinamica e Realtà Virtuale)

    Application of CFD and structural numerical techniques on HPC. Virtual reality approaches and their application to industry


    Testing methodologies for automotive turbochargers

  • D'Appolonia

    Smart polygeneration grids

  • Danieli Centro Combustion

    Technological development of low-emission industrial burners for reheating furnaces

  • DLTM Distretto Ligure Tecnologie del Mare

    Propellers fluid dynamic analysis and design
    Marine Diesel engine simulation models development


    Investigation on exhaust after-treatment systems for internal combustion engines application

  • Elettric80

    Route optimization for traffic-enhancement

  • Fincantieri

    Highly loaded steam turbine stages design
    Marine engines waste heat recovery plants development

  • GE Avio

    Development of aeroengine turbine profiles
    Aerodynamics of low NOx combustors

  • General Motors Powertrain Europe

    Investigation on turbocharger variable geometry turbines under steady and unsteady flow conditions

  • Istituto Motori - CNR di Napoli

    Investigations on energy and emissive behaviour of powered two wheelers

  • Johnson Electric Asti

    Aeroacoustic study and design methods for low-speed fans

  • Laboratoire Transports et Environnement - Institut Français des Sciences et Technologies des Transports, de l’Aménagement et des Réseaux (LTE IFSTTAR)

    Experimental and theoretical studies on emissions from heavy-duty vehicles in urban and port area

  • LG Fuel Cell Systems

    Tecnologies and performance for SOFC hybrid systems

  • Piaggio Aerodindustries

    Simulation techniques for propulsion systems analysis

  • Polo Regionale di Innovazione sull’Energia Sostenibile

    Application of LIF-PIV laser instrumentation for detailed investigations of flame processes within combustors and industrial furnaces

  • Rolls-Royce Fuel Cell Systems

    Emulation and control for SOFC hybrid systems

  • Seastema S.p.A.

    Development  of naval control systems

  • Semi Industrial

    Hydraulic turbines design

  • Sesamo SRL

    Home automation

  • SIIT Distretto Tecnologico Ligure sui Sistemi Intelligenti Integrati

    Advanced cooperative infomobility Systems
    A framework for urban mobility with management of information from heterogeneous sources
    Renewable energy storage with hydrogen and hydro-methane production
    Theoretical and experimental investigations aimed at controlling the thermo-acoustical instabilities in gas-turbine combustion systems

  • Stara Glass

    Simulation techniques for propulsion systems analysis

  • Tecniwell

    Automation underwater drilling machines

    Software and hardware for reporting work for machines of land consolidation

    Remote monitoring motor pumps for construction

    Automation and datalogging injectors

    Project and development of new machinery for pumping/injection cement

    Distributed real-time measurement systems for special machines

  • Telerobot

    Implementation of systems and of innovative measure procedures for spring connectors

  • Termomeccanica compressori

    Numerical simulation of screw compressors

  • Termomeccanica pompe

    Numerical simulation of pumping systems

  • Tirreno Power

    Methods and analysis techniques for flexible management
    In-service direct pyrometric characterization of pulverized-coal burners in the combustion chamber of Vado Ligure power station

  • Unione Industriali Savona

    Realization of an on-line database aimed at matching the engineering students’ and graduates’ training profiles with corresponding requests from industry