Simulazione e Prestazioni dei Sistemi Energetici

- TPG main office: Via Montallegro 1, 16145 Genova

The Thermochemical Power Group (TPG) of DIME has developed different simulation tools for analysis of energy systems. Not only at design and off-design conditions are considered, but also thermoeconomic, optimization and transient analysis. In details, three different software tools are presented: W-TEMP, W-ECoMP and TRANSEO.
W-TEMP allows the thermoeconomic and exergoeconomic analysis of a large number of energy cycles such as the following: steam, gas turbine, combined, and advanced cycles (mixed gas-steam cycles, biomass gasification integrated plant, fuel cells - SOFC and MCFC - and hybrid cycles, partial oxidation cycles, chemical recovery cycles). W-TEMP is also provided with an optimisation tool that allows energy system thermoeconomic optimisation to be obtained with different objective functions.
W-ECoMP tool is capable of evaluating: costs and revenues, capital costs, optimal operational strategy, optimal size of each system. By means of two hierarchic levels of optimisation and with the proper objective functions, W-ECoMP is therefore able to suggest the best operating strategy during the whole cogenerative cycle life and, in the meantime, to find the best component/engine sizes.
TRANSEO is an original tool for the transient and dynamic simulations of energy systems. The tool is specifically designed for managing microturbine-based cycles, but, in principle, any cycle layout and size could be modelled. TRANSEO is based on the MATLAB-Simulink environment, but it merely exploits the visual interface and time machine, retaining the management of several fundamental calculations outside, in original dynamic-link libraries. TRANSEO is available and working, providing the user with more than 30 modules. The focus of the analysis is on the transient behaviour of the system, which is mainly related to the mass, energy and momentum balances.