Energy - HUB per la Poligenerazione Distribuita

- Savona Campus: Via Magliotto 2, 17100 Savona

In the framework of the Energy-HUB (E-HUB) project the DIME-TPG developed at Savona a new experimental facility for analyses and optimization activities on smart polygeneration grids. This test rig is named “Energy aNd Efficiency Research Demonstration District” (E-NERDD). It is composed of different prime movers connected to the campus electrical grid and to thermal energy grids (both heating and cooling energy) equipped with vessels for storage technology emulation.
The local hardware installed in the laboratory for tests on distributed generation is composed of the following technology: 100 kWe micro gas turbine, 20 kWe internal combustion engine, 3 kWe Stirling engine, 450 kWe hybrid system emulator rig, tri-generation plant based on a water/lithium bromide absorber, 10 kWp solar panels, 1.1 kWp photovoltaic plant.
Several tests with the rig were managed by an optimization model. 11 hour tests representative of a possible small industrial district were considered (the district activities are concentrated during the morning and in the early afternoon). The storage vessel is operated through a simple approach: it is charged at high power generation values and discharged in the opposite condition. This is a sort of constrained management able to operate machines at high electrical efficiency conditions.