Generazione, accumulo e utilizzo di idrogeno

The DIME-TPG is studying aspects related to hydrogen generation, storage and utilization (conversion included). In details, hydrogen generation from renewable source is very promising, especially in case of low electrical demand. So, TPG is involved in activities on electrolysis for hydrogen generation, on produced gas storage with traditional technology or with metal hydrides and on high efficiency final users (fuel cells). However, these systems are very efficient only with a careful optimization of size and management operation of components.
Inside a collaboration activity with the Fundación Parque Tecnológico Itaipu (FPTI) - Paraguay - TPG is studying the best management approach for energy excess with related hydrogen storage. Moreover, tu use the standard technology (mainly microturbines and internal combustion engines) TPG is working on hydrogen conversion to hydromethane thorough a catalytic reaction with carbon dioxide (it can be a sequestrated flow from a traditional combustion process).


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