Energia da biomasse: combustione, pirolisi e gassificazione

Since 2005, DIME-SCL is proud to have become a “University-Industry Joint Laboratory” with AEN (Ansaldo Energia), which fact has paved the way for the very recent, long-term (9 years, renewable) official Agreement signed between AEN and the University of Genova for the joint utilization and management of the powerful, large-size combustion-research infrastructure, for the real-scale testing of gas-turbine burners, installed and operational in “DIME-SCL – Hangar n.2. Specifically for this test stand, the combustion diagnostic instrumentation is likewise most advanced and unique: in particular, a last-generation LIF (Laser Induced Fluorescence) equipment suitable to analyze flame processes developing a thermal power up to 2.5 MW, which is the actual operational level when the rig is pressurised (5 bar).
In the field of renewable energies, specifically the bio-energies, we at DIME-SCL are pursuing a peculiar, integrated strategy which can be defined “from soil to engine”, because it is suitable to cover the entire path which involves agronomy, thermo-chemistry conversion and energy technology. It has been conceived exactly in order to avoid the so common short-life durations, or even the clear economic failures, once the public financial aids come to an end or just are trimmed, of many entrepreneurial initiatives addressed at “territorial” energy generation.
"Valle Stura" project (DIME-TPG) began in 2002 aiming at the innovative creation of a chain forest-energy, in place of the more conventional wood-energy, which, starting from the maintenance and cultivation of the local forests, produces the wood chips feeding three biomass boilers. The project encompassed the construction of three thermal plants in the towns of Campo Ligure, Rossiglione and Masone. The plants of Campo Ligure and Rossiglione have been equipped with Uniconfort Biotec boilers of 0.7 MWth and 1.1 MWth, respectively; in Masone a GEM burner of 1.1 MWth has been installed.


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