Cicli Innovativi del Combustibile Nucleare

The  GeNERG (Genoa Nuclear Energy Research Group) of the DIME/TEC Section deals with studies on innovative nuclear fuel cycles, aimed at minimizing nuclear waste (both in terms of quantity and long-term radiotoxicity) and to optimize the exploitation of mineral resources (U, Th), through transmutation analyses and burnup calculations by different ad-hoc calculation codes (e.g. Monteburns, Serpent, MCNP6, etc.).
Moreover, in the frame of a broader view of the nuclear fuel cycles, thematic studies carried out by GeNERG are related also to scenario analysis (e.g. by NFCSS IAEA code) and to the nuclear facilities decommissioning.
In the frame of this research theme, GeNERG has actively collaborated with several Italian and European partners (INFN, Ansaldo Nucleare, SCK•CEN, RC-Rez, etc.), even in the context of international projects such as:
- EU GoFastR: European Gas-cooled Fast Reactor
- EU CHANDA: Solving Challenges in Nuclear Data for the Safety of European Nuclear Facilities
- EU FREYA: Fast Reactor Experiments for Hybrid Applications
Neutronics, Transmutation, Burn-up calculation, Symbiotic Fuel Cycles, Scenario evaluations


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