Sistemi Innovativi a Fissione ed a Fusione

The  GeNERG (Genoa Nuclear Energy Research Group) of the DIME/TEC Section deals with issues related to the analyses of innovative fission (LFR, GFR, ADS, HTR, etc.) and fusion (ITER, fusion-fission hybrid reactor, etc.) reactors.
Among the others, both the core of innovative fission systems and the fusion plants components subject to higher neutron flux(first wall, blanket, etc.) are some of the main study objects of the GeNERG research activities.
In the frame of this research theme, GeNERG has actively collaborated with several Italian and European partners (INFN, Ansaldo Nucleare, SCK•CEN, RC-Rez, etc.), even in the context of international projects such as:
- EU GoFastR: European Gas Cooled Fast Reactor
- EU LEADER: Lead-cooled European Advanced Demonstration Reactor
- MYRRHA: Multi-purpose Hybrid Research Reactor for High-tech Applications
- FALCON: Fostering ALfred CONstruction
Main Topics:
Neutronics, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Innovative Fuel cycles, Neutronics-CFD coupling


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